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PRODUCTS - Industrial Air Filtration Systems - Centrifugal Fans

General Features

It is manufactured in types that have coupled, belt and pulley and coupling motor.

It has low, middle and high pressure types.

It may be used in clean and unclean environment.

Fan rotor is standardly manufactured of steel sheet and of nickel sheets according to the project. Rotors are presented after their dynamic and static balances are adjusted. 

It is designed in computer environment according to the order or project value. 

Noise and vibration levels are low. 

Designed sheets are cut and shaped in the automatic cutting machines

It is an easily mountable and demountable type.

Some Areas of Application

Dust collecting systems Iron-steel casting industry Cement, ceramics, mining, etc. sectors Furniture, woodworks industry Chemistry, paint, pharmaceutical, food industries Glass, paper, rubber industries 

Fan Drive Types





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