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PRODUCTS - Industrial Air Filtration Systems - Jet Pulse Bag Filter

Its structure provides the decrease of logistics costs, shortening of production and installation time and ensures an unlimited capacity.

Cabin, side and top covers, reinforcement profiles, chassis and all support legs have appropriate metal sheet thickness and are pressure twisted and their tightness is ensured by the use of bolt and they are manufactured galvanized or of DKP metal sheet upon request.
With its easily openable and closeable maintenance covers and easily mountable and demountable dust collecting bucket, fitler replacement is easy and dust removal system is practical.
Thanks to its system, maintenance and operating costs are very low and filtering efficiency and filter life are very long.


It allows working in vacuum or positive pressure according to the type of dust.

It has unlimited capacity thanks to its modular structure.

It is easily mountable and demountable.

It is easily and efficiently cleaned with its cylindrical wire mesh venturi system appropriate for process.

It is manufactured with modular welding and bolted reinforcement.


BOMAKSAN Jet Pulse Bag Filter is generally used in central system dust and smoke absorbing applications. Dirty air collected from any contaminating source is brought to the filter through air channels designed in appropriate diameter and thickness. Auto-flanged, circular channels are generally preferred for dust as well.

Particles carried by the dirty air entering through the side walls of filter cabin are held by means of a crashing plate. In this section, speed of the air is decreased and desired filtering rates are obtained. In addition, sparks that may touch the filter and big and corrosive particles are directed to the collecting bucket underneath the bunker. Thus, life of the filters is increased. Dusts held are automatically cleaned thanks to the jet pulse cleaning system. Sprayed air does short and abrupt pressure blows to the inner surface of bags. This pressure is obtained by venturis and cleaning process is performed. Cleaned air is absorbed from the cabin through a fan and released to the environment desired. Dusts move from the outer surface to the inner surface of the filter. Filtered gases are passed through the venture and brought to the clean room section and then to the outlet pipe. 

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