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General Features

Bomaksan branded YBF Oil Mist Filters decreases your installation expenses thanks to its easy setup and your air duct expenses due to its special design suitable to work indoors
Bomaksan branded YBF Oil Mist Filter takes up less place thanks to its’ compact design. It is a plug and play device that contains all accessories.
Bomaksan branded YBF Oil Mist Filters are designed to work silencely. You can easily install them indoor.
Side and upper doors of cabin, makeup profile, chassis and carrying legs are produced with sufficient plate thickness and leak-proof is ensured by press injection unifying with a nut.​
Bomaksan branded YBF Oil Mist Filters allow you to recycle the waste oil thanks to the filtration method.
Bomaksan branded YBF Oil Mist Filter decreases your time and labor expenses minimum due to its custom-engineered cartrdidge filter and dust bin.

BOMAKSAN YBF Oil Mist Filters, generally used in CNC Machining Workshop due to intense oil mist generation. YBF model oil mist filters captures the fume and oil mist releasing from CNC Machines and filtered it with 4 stage filtration technology. They are preffered for CNC Machining ventilatons.

1- Dirty and Oil air collected to the Oil Mist Filters via designated ducts.
2- 1st stage filtration achieved by metal filter. At this stage rough oil mist particles drain.
3- 2nd stage filtration achieved by mesh filters. Coarse oil mist particles are drained by mesh filters.
4- 3rd stage filtration achieved by pre-coalescer filters. Main objective of pre-coalescer filters is to extend expensive coalescer filters’ life.
5- 4th stage filtration is more like absolute filtration and achieved by Coalescer filters. Coalescer filters are high quality and super efficienct filters. Coalescer filter drains the small oil mist particles on the surface and release oil-free air to the ambient.
6- Fresh air which is cleaned with 4 stage filtration can be released to the ambient with high efficient fans.


Foundries Cement Automotive Industry Ceramic Industry
Sand Blasting Metal Working Food and Beverage Chemical Industry

Standard Accessories

Targeted to satisfy requested flow and pressure, centrifuge type, conforming the standards and with its’ direct drive motor its’ produced to work quite and vibration free. Fan motor are made by steel as standard and balanced dynamically and statically on specialized plants. 
It measures the differential pressure(dP) with the probs located before and after of Coalescer filter. Increasing in dP reffers filter clogging. It is used to see clogging of Coalescer filters and replacement time.

Metal Filter
The very first stage filters of 4 stages filtration. Metal filters condensates the rough oil in coming from dirty air inlet. They are washable and can be used again and again. If there is a corrosion on the filter, then they need to be replaced.

Mesh Filter
Mesh filters are 2nd stage filters. Fine oil particles which can pass through metal filters, enter to the aluminium mesh filter. Dirty air filtered while passing through mesh construction. They are washable but if mesh construction is broken, replacement required.
Pre Coalescer Filter
Pre-Coalescer filters are 3rd stage filters and their main purpose is to extend coalescer filter’s life. Oil particles which are small enough to pass 2nd stage, caught on pre-coalescer. They are not washable and neet to be replaced when they are clogged.
Coalescer Filter
The final stage of 4 stages filtration is coalescer filter. After coalescer filter, breathable air will release. They are high tech and high efficient.Coalescer filters filtrate the thinnest oil mist particles and help you clean working environment.


Optional Accessories

HEPA Filter
Hepa filters are preffered when high class filtration is required. It’s dimension will diverse depending on the capacity of your oil mist collector. When choosing HEPA filter, please ask help from your Bomaksan sales representative.

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