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PRODUCTS - Industrial Air Filtration Systems - Cyclone

It is manufactured from 1000m3/h to 3000m3/h for holding particles up to 50 microns in industrial dust collecting systems.

It also serves to increase the filter life when used before the cartridge filters. It may optionally perform continuous automatic removal owing to its rotary valve.

Various capacity combinations may be obtained as well when connected in parallel.

It is used in the cleaning of air and gases with high particle density.

With optimum levels of pressure dissipation, it is used for detaching and collecting fine-grained materials.

It provides highly efficient collecting.

Operating Principle

At the cyclone inlet, a helical flowing form is given by means of a cyclone construction to the dusty gas entering the cyclone tangentially with high speed and it is ensured that particles whose density is higher than the holder environment are directed to cyclone walls by the centrifugal force. Particles losing their inertia due to abrubt speed change in the cyclone float through the cyclone wall and flow to the lower conical collecting bunker. The gas purified of the dusts as a result of this mechanism is released to outside from the upper part of the cyclone by means of an outlet pipe in the cyclone center. It is used in smoke gas washing and filterinf systems in order to hold and detach the particles in smoke gases containing flying ashes and in air and similar gases that contain extreme amounts of particles. Classical cyclones are specially designed and manufactured for each capacity and each type of gas. 


  • Operating Principle

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