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Bomaksan is one of the top dust collector manufacturer in Turkey. Sand Blasting Dust extraction and filtration is one of Bomaksan's specialities. With more than 30 years of experience, Bomaksan leads lots of innovation in Turkish Dust Collection and Filtration market. With our high skilled engineers, we are providing premium solutions for our customer's sand blasting dust problem. Either purchasing a new sand blasting cabinet or assemble dust colleciton system to the existing one, Bomaksan will assist you from top to the bottom. Project Planning, DesigningTechnical Assisting and Implementing even the most complex dust collector structure is Bomaksan's core business.

Sanding Blast Dust Extraction and Filtration

Sand Blasting Application, is one of the core application in manufacturing industry. Sand Blasting Application is a surface treatment which make more efficient, durable and solid to coat or paint the surfaces. Thus Sand Blasting Application is a service which most of the manufacturer either make it in house or outsource. Dust releasing causing from Sand Blasting is very intense and make impossible to work in such conditions where it is not collected. Therefore Sand Blasting Dust must be extracted, filtered and collected before it spreads the facility environment.It is crucial for workers health, efficient working conditions and the sake of environment. Bomaksan Industrial Air Filtration Systems will help you extract, filter and collect the dust causing from Sand Blasting Application with its well-engineered Dust Collectors

Bomaksan’s engineers works on your project to provide the best dust collection solutions with the minimum effort and volumetric flow. Minimum volumetric flow means minimum initial investment and maintenance cost. Bomaksan’s experienced engineers offer the best solutions for your particular facility. We are aware of that cheap is not economical. Cheap means very expensive solutions when you think afterward. Thats why Bomaksan is providing the most economical solutions to their customers.

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  • Bomaksan - Sand Blasting Dust Extraction and Filtration
  • Bomaksan - Sand Blasting Dust Extraction and Filtration
  • Bomaksan - Sand Blasting Dust Extraction and Filtration

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